Heritage’s Coronavirus Response

UPDATE 23.2.21: As per the government roadmap announced on Monday 22nd February, Heritage will be reopening for indoor dining from the 3rd June 2021. We will be accommodating groups of up to six people in the dining room. We don’t yet know the extent of the restrictions and precautions required for reopening, but you can take a look below at all of the procedure we have in place currently. We will always make sure Heritage is operating in line with the Government guidelines as well as any additional safety measures we feel are required to keep our guests and our team safe. 

We have written detailed FAQ’s below which covers our response to how COVID-19 will impact Heritage moving forward. If you have any concerns, or any further questions please contact us directly.


How can I make a reservation for when you reopen?

The easiest way to make a booking is online via our website (click here for reservations). If you would prefer, you can also reserve over the phone or by email. Please note we do not open on Monday and Tuesday so we are not contactable by phone on these days. As per the latest rules regarding the 11pm curfew, we will no longer be taking reservations past 7:30pm in the evenings. This should provide ample time to enjoy our tasting menus before we have to close our doors at 11pm.

I had a reservation booked in whilst you were closed that I need to reschedule, how can I do this?

In this case, please do contact us by email (reservations@heritage.restaurant) to get this rebooked. Any deposits that we held during our temporary closure will be transferred to your new reservation and be removed from your final bill.

I have a voucher that is due to expire soon, can I extend it?

Absolutely, we will extend all vouchers due to expire by December 2020 for a further 6 months so you will have plenty of time to arrange your visit. Anyone with a Kickstarter voucher does not need to get in touch to facilitate an extension, but those of you with vouchers bought via our website should email Hannah (hannah@heritage.restaurant). so she can extend the validity of the voucher code. We do politely encourage voucher holders to redeem them later in the year to give us some time to get back on our feet first.

Has your cancellation policy or deposit policy changed?

Our policies have remained the same, you can see our standard page on frequently questions by clicking here.

Have you changed your opening hours?

Our opening hours have changed slightly and we have some different times over the festive period which can be seen here. We are also now closing at 11pm every night as we are under curfew with last orders at 10pm.

Will your rooms be open and have you made any changes?

Our 5 bedrooms will be opening on the 3rd June. We have slightly adjusted check-in and out times to allow us more time in between guests to ensure the rooms have been ‘fogged’ and sanitised in the safest way possible. Check in will now be from 4pm and check out at 11am. We also ask that any overnight guests give us an approximate time for their arrival and let us know if they are due to arrive prior to check in to we can reserve a space in the lounge for them.

To begin with, we have made some changes to our operation in response to the government guidelines on reopening. Below are some of the changes we have made that will impact your visit. If you would like further details of procedures we will be implementing on reopening please scroll down.

Do I need to wear a face mask?

Yes, except when you are sat at the table. The new government rules are clear that everyone must wear a face covering whilst moving around a venue which means you’ll need to wear one on entry & exit and if you are going to the bathroom.

Will your teams be wearing any extra PPE?

Yes, our entire team will be wearing face masks. We are practicing smiling with our eyes only!

Have you changed your table layout to be more spaced out?

Yes, we have removed tables to allow more space in our dining rooms. We will be operating on reduced number of diners for the foreseeable future.

Will you install screens in the restaurant in between tables?

The government guidelines have not insisted on any additional measures be put in place to split up the restaurant. Our tables have been spaced at least 1.5 metres apart which allows comfortable dining for all our guests.

How many people can I reserve a table for?

At the time of writing, we will only be accepting bookings of 6 people in the restaurant.

Have you changed the diary to spread out arrival times?

Yes, we have. We have opened up the diary to accept bookings every 15 minutes rather than every half an hour. At each interval we will have no more than 6 guests arriving at once. We ask that guests arrive promptly so we can maintain a physical distance between parties at all times. If you are running late, give us a call so we can plan for your arrival.

Does that mean I can’t come early for a drink?

You are welcome to arrive early for a drink, but try to let us know in advance so we can save you a space in the lounge.  We will seat you in the restaurant at the time of your booking, so if you would like to have drinks first please give yourself plenty of time to enjoy your aperitif.

Will your menus be changing at all?

We won’t be changing the structure of our menus, you will still be able to choose from our 3,5 or 7 course menus at lunch time or the 7 or 9 course menus in the evening (our 5 course menu is also available on Thursday nights). We will be streamlining the menus so they are manageable but we will still be focusing on providing exceptional food and drink. You can see some of our sample menus by clicking here.

We will also have our bar menu available to be enjoyed in the lounge or the garden. We encourage people to give us a call on the morning of your visit to reserve a space if you’d like to join. We can’t take advance bookings for the lounge or the garden online (because it is weather dependant and space is limited) so we will only accept reservations for that day.

Are walk-ins welcome?

Yes, walk-ins are welcome but we will need to take your contact details when you arrive as per the government guidelines. We will prioritise guests with bookings so we encourage guests to reserve a space. We also ask that if you do join us without a reservation, you wait until the reception area is clear before entering the building.

Will you be changing your service style to be more physically distanced?

We will be retraining the team on socially distanced service practices, without changing the friendly and attentive service that you know and love. We will still be offering our full wine and drinks menus as well as our non-alcoholic, cocktail and wine flights. We are developing ways to reduce the number of visits to your table but rest assured our cleaning practices have always been rigorous and this will continue with extra diligence once we reopen.



Based on the current government guidelines we will be making some initial changes to the way we work to ensure that Heritage is a safe environment for our team and guests alike. We have completed risk assessments for our entire operation to ensure we have thought of everything before we reopen. Here are some of our plans for your peace of mind.

  • Changing the flow of the restaurant so there is a ‘one-way’ system.
  • Changing the entrance and exit doors.
  • Regular, scheduled cleaning of all high-touch points and bathrooms throughout the building. 
  • Implementing two reception desks to greet guests and maintain a physical distance between parties.
  • Hands-free sanitiser stations will be available throughout the building. 
  • Thorough cleaning before, during and after service including ‘fogging’ to sanitise all surfaces in the restaurant and bedrooms. 
  • Staff training on new physically distanced service procedures will take place before we reopen. Each member of staff has been briefed on all virus symptoms and if they are unwell they will be signed off work until they are tested and it comes back negative. We are paying all staff in full for any sick leave they need to ensure no one is coming to work unwell. 
  • We will be checking staff temperatures each day on arrival. Our team will also arrive through a separate door and change into clean uniforms on site before entering the main building. 
  • Our team will be wearing face coverings as per the new government rules. 


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